“Paint your village and you will paint the whole world”, Tolstoy is said to have said.

Here it is the world which is constantly arriving and, brushstroke by brushstroke, painting this town called Barcelona; then she in turn is painted, and portrayed on Chicuelo and Marco Mezquida‘s particular canvas: colourful, torrid, vibrant, profound, ancient, youthful, intense in wakefulness and in dreams.

The canvas they paint on is woven by their time and place. This is not fusion, this is not world music: this is the heartbeat of the Mediterranean resonating. Barcelona: port and haven, place of transit and merging, on the shore of the Mediterranean where fugitives and hunters of all kinds come together.

Two hunters of sound join.

Marco Mezquida and Chicuelo connect; they do not ask where one another comes from. Two that dream and breathe the language of art, speak to us through their keys and strings. They speak music in the tongue of Mare Nostrum.

They share with us music that paints a harbor, music like water: it stirs, it blends, the water becomes the sea, the sea is water, and becomes the water that is every sea: this is how all musics sail and converge; this is how Marco Mezquida and Juan Gómez Chicuelo sound.

Goya award winner, brilliant soloist and partner for Poveda and Duquende, a chosen one: few composers and guitarists as solid and influential as Juan Gómez, Chicuelo have ever emerged in Flamenco.

Marco Mezquida: an absolute, overwhelming musician, possessed of a unique pianism of a speech that is watered by diversity; one who has had the entire European scene in awe since his appearance.

A meeting of two equally distinct and versatile artistic personalities. An intersection defined by authenticity, mutual admiration and complete devotion to music.

In collaboration with Fira Mediterrània de Manresa.

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